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Plant sweet potatoes to take advantage of the rains

Sweet potatoes are becoming a popular food crop. Both the tubers and vines can be used as food and vegetables. The vines are nutritious fodder for animals. The tubers currently fetch very good prices in the market.

What you need to know about seed this season

The quality of certified maize seed is very important since it determines the maize yield, food security and income for the farmer.

As the planting season draws near, farmers are busy preparing their land in readiness for planting.

Sweet potatoes can provide both food and money

Sweet potato is highly nutritious. The orange fleshed variety has vitamin A that addresses deficiency among children and even adults. Sweet potatoes fetch good prices in the market all year round because few farmers grow them.

Sorghum becomes the new cash crop for Meru farmers

Banana production has good income if done well

Bananas are easy to grow. But, farmers need to know how to grow tissue culture bananas as they are free of diseases, require good management to produce more and fetch good prices in the market.

Growing yams improves food security and income

Many communities have abandoned yams production for maize and other cereal crops. But yams are nutritious and can grow even with little rains and limited management.

Brachiaria is better than Napier in push-pull technology

Brachiaria grass is slowly replacing Napier grass because it grows fast with less water. It produces 18 to 20 tonnes of forage per acre and has been found to tolerate dry conditions better than Napier grass.

How to control fall armyworms using organic methods

The fall armyworm is a heavy feeder that quickly destroys the maize crop. It can destroy an entire crop if it is not controlled on time. It can spread fast, and can fly over 30 kilometres in one night assisted by the wind.

Use certified maize seed to increase your yields

This planting season, the choice of seed is very important. In rural farming areas, many farmers still plant traditional maize varieties that give very low yields. According to a study conducted by Egerton University’s Tegemeo Institute (Enhancing Small-holder Productivity in Kenya, 2016) findings show that maize yields have been declining at the rate of 10 per cent.

Seed selection important during planting season

The planting season is here again and as farmers prepare their land for planting, there are crucial decisions to make to ensure a rewarding harvest. The following are the stages to follow to ensure a bumper harvest:

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