Five out of every 100 heifers are infertile

Of all animals, heifers are the most neglected in many farms, which affect their health and productivity. It is important to focus on the health of heifers because they will succeed your cows when their time comes to produce milk. You don't want them to perform below expectation.

Farmers can easily increase their beans yield

If managed in the right way, farmers can get more bean yields, improve their soils and income. Farmers are about to start planting beans for the short rains. If they do it well, they stand to get good yields. Beans is also good for improving soil fertility.

Feed raw material suppliers in Kenya, let us build a directory

Farmers who need raw materials for feed making including feed additives (pre-mixes and amino acids) can order them from outlets nearest to them. The following outlets sell the ingredients in different towns shown below:

Know your pasture grasses: Nandi Setaria

Nandi setaria has the greatest range of adaptability of all tropical grasses (altitude 0-3,000m above sea level). It performs well in high rainfall areas with 900-1825 mm per year. The grass can also be grown in transitional zones and arid areas through irrigation.

Fertility requirements in banana production

Bananas can be very productive if well fed and managed. They tend to do well with frequent application of farmyard manure from cattle, pigs, goats and chickens. Farmers can also use well composited manure, which has been preserved well so that it doesn't lose nutrients.

How to build an apiary for honeybees

What factors should be considered when setting up an apiary? Stick to standards and you will produce high quality honey. An apiary or a bee house is a place where many beehives are kept for honey production. It is advisable to keep between 20 to 25 beehives in one apiary.

Poultry Keeping: What farmers need to succeed

Poultry keeping continues to be one of the most popular enterprises among small-scale farmers in Kenya. This is because it is one of cheapest farming enterprises that require little capital to start. Of late, there has been a shift towards keeping indigenous chickens.

Avocados can give you good income

Avocado is an important commercial fruit in Kenya both for local and export markets. There are three main types of avocado trees which are suitable for different altitudes. Check which avocado varieties do best under your specific local conditions.

Bacterial wilt a big threat to potato growing

Adoption of crop rotation is the main solution in the fight against the destructive potato disease. Although it continues to destroy potatoes countrywide, very many farmers are yet to understand what bacterial wilt is, how it is spread and how to control it.

Fleckvieh: Why more farmers want this cow

Farmers need to know that it is only through proper management and feeding of Fleckvieh dairy cows that they can get good returns from this breed. In 2011, we featured the Fleckvieh dual-purpose cattle breed and since then thousands of farmers have acquired it.




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