What can be the cause of lack of appetite in cows?

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I have a Fresian cow which has calved for a second time. During the second calving there was incidence of retained placenta and lack of appetite which followed low milk production (5 litres per day). What can I do in such a case?

The retained placenta could be the cause of the problem especially if it has caused an infection. The infection could be what is causing the cow to lose appetite. With the reduced feed intake, there is no way the cow can produce milk. It has to feed well to give milk. Retained placenta is caused by a number of factors such as the calf being too big for the cow. Here, you need to be careful when selecting bulls for breeding; to select bulls that have higher calving ease. Lack of adequate feed, especially during the dry season is also be a factor. Dairy cows that do not get balanced feed may develop uterine prolapse (where the placenta becomes misplaced and gets retained) when calving down, which can lead to retained placenta. It is advised that you immediately get a Veterinarian to examine the cow and treat infections, if there is any.

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