A simple method to make dairy meal

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Farmers can use a simple method to make dairy meal on the farm without having to buy raw materials that may not be available in the agrovet shops:


1. 5kg of whole maize on the cob

2. 5kg calliandra/sesbania/lucerne/lucaena

3. 0.2kg minerals (such as maclik Super ®, dairy superphosphate® or Unga High Phosphorus®)

Preparation: Grind the whole maize together with cob into gristed form (chenga). Wilt the calliandra, sesbania or lucerne in a shade (not in direct sunlight) and grind it too. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly preferably using a drum mixer or even a spade and feed the cows. You can increase the quantity of the above ingredients depending on the number of animals you feed.

To determine how much dairy meal each cow should get, you need to know how much milk each cow produces in a day; a cow should get at least 1kg of concentrate for every 1.5 litres it produces above 7litres of milk; for example, if your cow produces 10 litres of milk in a day, this means that it has produced an extra 3 litres of milk above the 7 litres.

To know how much concentrate the cow should get, divide 3 litres by 1.5 thus 3litre ÷ 1.5litres = 2kg, so the cow should be given 2 kg of concentrate. Feed this in two portions - 1kg in the morning and 1kg in the evening) if your cow is giving 16 litres, the amount of concentrate it should get can be worked out as follows: 16litres subtract 7 litres = 9 litres divide by 1.5 litres = 6kg of concentrate (feed 3kg in the morning and 3kg in the evening). The concentrate is given as a supplement in addition to a cow’s daily fodder rations.

Additional information from William Ayako, Scientist KALRO – Naivasha

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