Crop rotation contributes to soil fertility

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How does crop rotation contributes towards Soil fertility?

A crop rotation is a widely adopted management practice where two or more crop species re grown in sequence, one after another, in the same part of the or field and therefore contributes to soil fertility in great percentage in the following ways:

* Maintain and improve soil fertility

* Diversify crop production

* Reduce soil nutrients mining

* Control diseases, Pests and weeds

* Control soil erosion

* Recycle nutrients through growing of deep and shallow rooted crops alternately

How it works

* Each crop places different demands on the soil in which it grows.

* Likewise, each crop leaves some amount of beneficial residues or has some effect on the soil structure.

* A good crop rotation combines crops that complement each other by making different demands in different ways.

* A good rotation will also match farmer’s preferences for diet, marketing potential etc.

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