Water your crops efficiently using drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is a climate smart irrigation system that delivers water directly to the plant roots. In most parts of Kenya, irrigation remains a necessity in crop production. Even with the rainfall, some crops still need irrigation especially in the arid and semi-arid regions.

Planting different trees has great value to ecosystem

Deforestation affects not only the forest cover of Kenya and in the long-term the water conservation. The biodiversity in our forests and in the semi-arid areas, that means, the great varieties of different trees, especially the indigenous ones, is in danger.

Breeding, an important step in dairy farming

When a farmer does not know which bull served their cow, there are high chances of the farmer serving the cow’s daughter with the semen from the father. This is called inbreeding.

Take care of your soil to increase land productivity

Farmers rarely take care of their soils. Good farming practices can restore and build soil fertility, increasing crop yields and income for the farmer.

Vetiver grass has many uses for farmers

Vetiveria zizanioides commonly known as Vetiver grass is a perennial bunch grass which is native to India and is widely cultivated in the tropical regions of the world. It is closely related to sorghum but shares many morphological characteristics with other fragrant grasses like the lemon grass.

How to make hay from Brachiaria Push-Pull plots

Apart from providing the day-to-day fodder requirements for the farmer, excess forage from Brachiaria can be dried and stored as hay for use during the dry season when pasture is scarce to maintain milk production.

Banana production has good income if done well

Bananas are easy to grow. But, farmers need to know how to grow tissue culture bananas as they are free of diseases, require good management to produce more and fetch good prices in the market.

It is easy to establish a Push-Pull plot using Brachiaria grass

Brachiaria is a good alternative to Napier grass when used in push-pull plots since it is drought tolerant and not prone to diseases. Brachiaria grass is more nutritious, possessing 12 per cent protein at harvest unlike Napier, whose protein content diminishes after about four months.

Eat the right food to maintain a healthy heart

The heart is one of the hardest working organs in your body. Some foods can cause the build-up of bad fats in blood vessels in and outside the heart muscles, cutting off blood supply which can cause heart attack stroke or heart failure.

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Growing yams improves food security and income

Many communities have abandoned yams production for maize and other cereal crops. But yams are nutritious and can grow even with little rains and limited management.




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