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Plant new improved bean varieties for food and income

Beans are very valuable to Kenyan farmers as they provide the much-needed proteins to their families, especially those in the rural areas where income is low, and many people cannot afford to get animal proteins. Being a legume crop, beans fix nitrogen into the soil, in the process improving fertility levels.

Sorghum becomes the new cash crop for Meru farmers

Eat the right food to maintain a healthy heart

The heart is one of the hardest working organs in your body. Some foods can cause the build-up of bad fats in blood vessels in and outside the heart muscles, cutting off blood supply which can cause heart attack stroke or heart failure.

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Cassava can be processed into many products

From roots to leaves, cassava can be processed and combined with wheat, sorghum or millet to make various products such as flour, chips, bread, crisps, chapatti and biscuits for sale.

Control onion diseases for more yields

Onions grow well under many different conditions. But when grown in the rainy season, onions have a greater chance of contracting diseases. Onions get more diseases in warm humid weather and your onions are more likely to get infected in the parts of your field where there is water logging.

Eating well for the whole family

Eating well is vital for a healthy and active life. Most people know that we need to eat in order to have the strength to work. However, to many people, it is not clear what it means to eat well within their circumstances.

Eat and enjoy the health benefits of dolichos

Dolichos, also called turtle beans, are a small type of legume. In Kenya, they are a delicacy among the Kikuyu community (referred to as Njahi). It is an important food, which is typically served during traditional ceremonies including weddings.

The role of milk and dairy products in human nutrition

FAO: Milk and dairy products are an important source of dietary energy, protein and fat. But, the scientific evidence is massing up that regular consumption of large quantities of milk can be bad for your health, and campaigners are making noise about the environmental and international costs of large-scale intensive dairy farming.



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