Fish Farming

Catfish rearing can bring good income

Fish farming is a lucrative business that has a ready market. Thanks to the growing popularity of fish in the country. The common fish species in the country are tilapia, nile perch and catfish.

Fish require quality feed for healthy growth

Most communities in Kenya enjoy eating fish. It is an important source of animal protein. Fish provides food, generates income and remains a crucial part of many rural livelihoods especially those living in the Western and coastal regions of Kenya and even parts of central Kenya where many farmers have put up fish ponds.

Fish grow well with proper feeding

Productivity of fishponds can be increased by providing the fish with supplementary food. Manufactured fish feeds available in East Africa are found in one or more of the follow­ing forms: Meal, crumble, dry sinking pellets, moist sinking pellets, and float­ing pellets.



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