Animal Health

Healthy pigs need clean shelter

Most pigs are kept in poor hygienic and stressful conditions that lead to slow development, low weight gain and diseases. Pig feeding and general management is a real challenge to most pig farmers in the country. The way pigs are reared in most farms is responsible for poor growth, low weight gain and even low general productivity.

Breeding, an important step in dairy farming

When a farmer does not know which bull served their cow, there are high chances of the farmer serving the cow’s daughter with the semen from the father. This is called inbreeding.

How to make hay from Brachiaria Push-Pull plots

Apart from providing the day-to-day fodder requirements for the farmer, excess forage from Brachiaria can be dried and stored as hay for use during the dry season when pasture is scarce to maintain milk production.

Brachiaria helps farmers produce high quality forage

Brachiaria grass is slowly replacing Napier grass because it grows fast with less water. It produces 18 to 20 tonnes of forage per acre and has been found to tolerate dry conditions better than Napier grass.

ICIPE unveils new biopesticide for tick control

Real Metarhizium 7 can last up to 3 weeks reducing application intervals for the livestock farmers. Natural acaricides are safe for animals, people and the environment. They are also affordable to farmers.

How to make feeds for free range indigenous chickens

Poultry farming is a major economic activity among rural and even urban farmers in Kenya. However, the cost of feeds is so high that farmers find it difficult to buy commercial feeds. Making own feeds at home, reduces costs and increases profit.

Feed your dairy cow well to get a healthy calf

Animal nutritionists say that when you are feeding a pregnant dairy cow, you are feeding two animals (the cow and the developing calf in its uterus). What this simply means is that when a cow is incalf (pregnant) it needs adequate and balanced feed that is enough to meet her body maintenance and also that of the calf inside her.




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